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First Class male escorts for women in Sydney, Australia & Worldwide,
for the pleasure of today's selective woman.


a Warm Welcome to Madam Vivian. We do NOT cater to
bi sexual men or gay men. This is a WOMEN ONLY service.
(Heterosexual couples welcome).

Contrary to some opinions, people who call a male escort are not 'desperate' or unable to find a man - we cater exclusively to women and heterosexual couples who choose to spoil themselves with a professional companion - many of our clients are married, or too busy to meet people, or even in happy relationships just looking for a little variety - everyone is different, but we all need affection and fun in our lives! How you care for yourself is your own choice...

Madam Vivian supplies quality, stylish, seductive heterosexual gentlemen who know how to romance and seduce a woman. He also knows how to make you feel like the only woman in his eyes, and the most desirable woman in the room during social events. My gentlemen are all fully heterosexual, intelligent, heartbreakingly handsome, and highly sensitive to the needs of the elite woman.

You may be looking for simple emotional fulfillment, or a simple hug, a few compliments, or a ravishing date to make your friends jealous. Or you may need some soul-refreshing sexual healing. As a woman, I know how important a feeling of well being, youthful confidence and release is; if you are not receiving enough of this, we can help you.

In a world where men often cannot be everything we need at once, there is a market for introducing genuine affection and romance to the lives of the more passionate, sensual women in society, for whom the attention they receive is simply not enough, and the passion they hide is overwhelming.

Perhaps you might like to ensure your first contact with a man is a pleasant one? Our gentlemen are sensitive, experienced and will make your experience one that will be a delight.

We are so glad that you have found us and look forward to having the pleasure of providing some special company in the near future.

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