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First Class male escorts for women in Sydney, Australia & Worldwide,
for the pleasure of today's selective woman.



We are extremely selective with gentlemen who are suitable to represent Madam Vivian to our valued female clientele. Very few applicants are accepted to work with us.

To qualify as a Madam Vivian Man, you will need to observe and prove that you can comply with the following;

    A Madam Vivian Man:
  • is 5' 10" - 6' 3" tall
  • is 25-45 yrs old
  • is extremely handsome
  • is not 'into himself', but is down to earth & friendly
  • practices excellent personal & sexual hygiene
  • has general non-sexual experience with women in daily life
  • is aware that sex is very often NOT included in appointments
  • has sexual experience with females & personal sexual control
  • is 100% heterosexual - not bi or gay.
  • will pass a psychological test
  • will pass a sexual health test
  • will pass a police record clearance test
  • will pass a test on foreplay techniques
  • portrays immaculate presentation (suit/tux)
  • has no scarring or deformities
  • is relatively well endowed, but not 'huge'
  • is 100% safety-minded (disease free)
  • is strong minded & emotionally mature
  • is well spoken & polite at all times, nice voice
  • preferably has no tattoos, very small may be ok
  • is well groomed, shaven, trimmed etc
  • has good education/ professional background
  • is reliable, honest & trustworthy
  • portrays confidence, not arrogance,
  • is charming & polite, mummy's pride!
  • is a good conversationalist
  • has a good sense of humour
  • has a true admiration of women

Contrary to the common male misconception, working as a male escort is not about getting plenty of sex.. it takes an exceptional man to cater to women at this level, and an elite male escort is expected to be whatever is required (within reason of course) - this is very often everything BUT sex. So if you're applying to be able to have lots of sex, please don't bother. If you're interested in taking care of people's needs, physical, emotional and otherwise, we will be happy to hear from you. If you're looking to provide basic sex services, try

ONLY if you comply with all of the above list should you consider contacting us further please. We are very selective, and receive thousands of applicants per month - we can only deal with so many applications :-)

Please also keep in mind our clientele enquiries come before new application interviews. Please be patient regarding replies.

You will also be required to sign a contract to the effect of eternal confidentiality regarding any clientele you may spend time with, through Madam Vivian.

You are welcome to apply, simply email us here, and include the following:
contact number,
the area you live in,
any other interesting information about yourself.

Please also attach recent photos (no nudes please!) - *IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTOS, OR IF YOU SEND NUDE SHOTS, WE WILL NOT REPLY *
If you prefer, you may fill the following form instead.

We look forward to meeting you.










We look forward to meeting you.

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